Kingsport Trip

Happy Monday everyone! Sorry for the blogging break.  I had intended to blog about my time in Kingsport before I headed to Iowa, but didn’t get that done.  I then enjoyed a week off and lots of time with my family.  It was great!

I do want to share a bit about my trip to Kingsport, though.  It was so a fun, encouraging trip for me.  It had been several years since I’d gotten to spend time there, and I really enjoyed catching up with so many friends who have been influential in my life.  I enjoyed meeting with lots of people, as well as sharing at my church there, First Baptist.  FBC has grown since I had been there last, and it was exciting to hear about the ways they are reaching out to their community.  God is surely at work there!

Here are a few (or more than a few!) pictures of my trip.  Enjoy!

Susan Hoover, Minister of Music at FBC

With Ed and Patsy Morales, Jenny and Payton. Patsy taught my 3 year old Sunday School Class when we lived in Miami, and was my dad's secretary at our church there, as well as in Kingsport! Such great friends!

Some of my favorite things in Kingsport: Pal's (fast food), La Carretta, beautiful mountain views, First Baptist Church

Our old house

My elementary and middle schools

Dobyns-Bennett High school (gym and football field)

First Baptist Church

Fun times with great friends

One of my favorite ladies at FBC, Betty Casey

Sweet family friends, David and Susan Lane

Nashville and Knoxville

Hey y’all!  I am in Kingsport, TN (more on that in my next post) and am enjoying visiting with more friends here.  I wanted to post a few pictures of the rest of my trip to Nashville and my stop in Knoxville before I forgot to do so.  🙂

I had such a great time in Nashville.  I got to spend the week with my friends, Brian and Adrian Hitt.  Adrian and I have been friends since our freshman year of college and have walked through lots of ups and downs together.  It had been several years since we’d seen each other, so to get to spend the week catching up was extra special.

Adrian and me at Target, one of our favorite places!

I also got to have lunch with my former youth pastor, James Jackson.  James now works at LifeWay as an editor for Sunday School material.  We had a wonderful time catching up.  James and his wife, Trish, came on staff at our church in Kingsport the same year that my dad did and quickly became close friends of our family.  As I entered the student ministry a couple of years later, they became my youth leaders and spent countless hours mentoring me and many other students.  It was during that time that I really started to grow in my faith for the first time.  They taught me how important it was to make my faith my own, not just something my family does, and the importance of daily time in the Word.  I am so grateful for the many ways they poured into me and it was so encouraging to catch up with James last week.

James Jackson and me.

I left Nashville on Friday afternoon and drove up to Powell, TN (outside of Knoxville).  I spent Friday evening and Saturday morning catching up with the Rogers family.  Judy and her daughter, Briana, and son, Jacob, all came to Guadalajara on volunteer trips while I was living there.  They have since become very dear friends and it was a blessing to spend time with them!  Judy and Briana are so much fun and always so very encouraging to be around.

Briana, Judy and me.

I left Knoxville Saturday morning to drive up to Kingsport.  On the way, I stopped in Sevierville, TN to have lunch with my cousin, Kami.  It had been at leastt 10 or 15 years since I had seen her, and we had so much fun chatting over lunch at Cracker Barrel.

My cousin, Kami, and me.

After lunch with Kami, I drove the rest of the way to Kingsport, the town I grew up in.  I’ll write a separate post about that this afternoon.  It has been lots of fun to be here and I’ve got plenty of pictures to share from my stroll down memory lane the past few days!


I arrived in Nashville a few days ago and have been thoroughly enjoying my time here so far.  It’s been wonderful to rest for a couple of days, catch up on emails and laugh with friends.

Today, I got to have lunch with a friend who has visited Vancouver and have spent the rest of the afternoon at Brentwood Baptist Church.  Brentwood Baptist is a good friend of The Point and it’s been fun to get to connect with a few of their leaders.  Their youth have taken trips to Vancouver for several years and I’ve always enjoyed working with them.  In my new role, I will be leading many of the missions teams who come to work with The Point, so it’s been extra special to get to visit them here.  I’m looking forward to attending their youth gathering this evening.

Tomorrow I will meet up with a couple of other friends throughout the day and share what God is doing in my life and in Vancouver, through The Point.  I can’t say enough just how good the Lord is and how faithful.  Even in a few short days I’ve made connections with people I haven’t seen in many years and it has been so refreshing and encouraging.  I’m looking forward to spending a night in Knoxville on Friday and driving up to Kingsport on Saturday.

My friend (and lunch date!) Jande

The coffee shop at Brentwood, where I'm hanging out for a few hours.



What a crazy week it has been.  I can’t believe that all the loose ends are tied up in Vancouver and I’m actually sitting in Nashville right now.  It’s been a whirlwind few weeks and today has been a welcomed chance to catch up and enjoy a bit of time to simply breathe. 

I was able to have a wonderful last few days in Vancouver, full of sweet times with friends and enjoying the beauty of the city.  Bobby and I spent an fun evening downtown and it was so nice to spend quality time together and not be running around trying to do a thousand things at once. 

On Saturday, Laura (my roommate), Moses (her boyfriend) and Bobby and I drove down to Seattle to attend a friend’s wedding.  We had a great time driving down together, shopping at the outlets and Target, and eating Mexican food on our way down.  The wedding was lovely and loads of fun!

Goodbyes at the airport the next morning weren’t quite as fun.  I couldn’t help but think back to last January, when Bobby left for 4 months in Europe.  As tough as it was for me to leave, I knew it was much harder to be the one staying.  But if we learned anything last year, it’s that time apart only makes us stronger and that it’s sure to be a time of growth for us both.

I made it to Nashville last night with no problems.  My flights were smooth and on time and all of my luggage arrived with me!  I’ve enjoyed hanging out with a close friend from my university days and today has been just what I needed. 

Tomorrow begins the support development process.  Please pray for me as I meet with other friends and acquaintances.  Pray that the Lord would prepare their hearts and mine and that I would be faithful to trust Him to provide. 


at our friend’s wedding:


beautiful view about the Rocky Mountains: