The Point’s New Home!

While I was away, The Point moved into a new venue on campus.  Until this spring, we had been meeting in a lecture hall in the morning and a student lounge/passageway in the evenings.  This meant setting and taking down everything TWICE each Sunday, as well as moving everything from place to place to place.  While the spaces we were in were wonderful and we had some really great times of worship in them, we were excited when the opportunity to move came about.

In our new venue, which is also a lecture hall, we are able to set up on Saturday nights and have Sunday morning and Sunday evening worship in the same location and then take down after the evening service.  Since we’re able to do this now (and since we’ve got access to a storage closet IN the room!) we are able to put more into the set up and really make the space ours.  Everything we do for set up is intended to help the room feel less like a lecture hall and help us to focus on worship.  After we set up on Saturday nights, we also spend time praying over the space and lifting up the next day’s services.

I’ve only been back a few weeks, but I have so loved the times of worship with The Point family in the new space.  God is at work this summer among students and the people of Vancouver and I am so blessed to be here.  Please pray with me that the Lord will continue to make Himself known and that, as we worship together on Sundays, we will draw nearer and nearer to Him.

Below are a few pictures of the new location:





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