Ride for Refuge – Done!

This past Saturday, I participated in the Ride for Refuge (more about that here).  It was a soggy, wet, chilly Vancouver fall day, but we still managed to have a great time, raise over $1,000 for R.E.E.D., and bike 10K (we opted not to do the 25K when we saw the weather that day!)

I’m so proud of our awesome team and thankful for all of the support of The Point Church and our family and friends!  Thanks everyone!!!

Below are a few pictures chronicling our day!

We began by having to break the chain on one of our bikes because no one remembered the combination for the lock!  We were successful, even though we only had some IKEA tools to work with.  A little determination goes a long way!


Breaking the chains of injustice!


Loaded up and ready to go!!


10K riders getting ready to take off!


Our team getting ready to set out!


A little mid-ride water break!


Our team, post-ride, with our other amazing teammate, Thomas, who rode 100K (he was taking a quick, mid-ride break and we were able to say hi!).  Also, our lovely friend, Soojin (not pictured), joined us, and cheered us all on.  Thanks team!!!


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