About Me

As the daughter of a Worship Pastor, I grew up all over the Southeastern US.  Born in Fort Worth, TX, I also lived in Miami, FL, Kingsport, TN and Stafford, VA before attending university in Shawnee, OK (Go Bison!).  After University, I lived in Guadalajara, Mexico and have been in Vancouver, BC for the past 3 years.

I met God at a very young age and was baptized at the age of 7.  It wasn’t until middle school (grades 6-8 for my Canadian friends) that I really began to grow in my faith and make it my own.  I was blessed to not only have parents who discipled me, but leaders in my church who also discipled me, and a great group of Christian friends to grow with.

When I was 16, I felt the Lord calling me to full time ministry.  I wasn’t sure exactly what that would look like – if it would be in church ministry or on the mission field somewhere, but whatever it would be, I decided I would follow His direction.  My future was not my own and I would go where He lead.

I got my BA in Spanish with a minor in Student Ministry from Oklahoma Baptist University in 2006.  In January 2007, I moved to Guadalajara and spent 2 years working there as a homeschool teacher for American missionary kids and doing community ministry.  I had the privilege of serving people in some very poor areas by being involved in kids clubs, feeding centres, ESL classes and various other ministries.  Through all of that, the Lord continued to remind me of His great love and sacrifice for all people.  He also confirmed over and over in my heart that I was right where He wanted me to be and that that would always be the best place to be.

In February of 2009, I moved to Vancouver to work with an urban training program for families who were preparing to move overseas.  Training lasted 3-4 months and my main responsibility was to homeschool the kids while they were here, while also assisting with various administrative tasks.  Talk about an exciting job!  Every few months, we got to send a group out to cities all over the world.  No two groups were alike and now I have friends all across the globe.

Shortly after I arrived in Vancouver, I visited a church called The Point.  I attended once or twice and then visited other churches for a month or so.  When I returned to The Point for another visit, it was like coming home.  People remembered my name, asked how I’d been and why they hadn’t seen me and even invited me for coffee sometime.  It wasn’t long before I considered The Point my home church and jumped into ministry there with both feet.  I am still amazed by the loving community God has created there and am so thankful for the blessing of friendship I have found at The Point.  The people there have truly become my family.

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