What Am I Doing?

When I graduated from University in 2006 in small town Oklahoma, I never could have imagined where the Lord would lead me.  First, I spent 2 years in Guadalajara, Mexico (a city of 6 million).  Then, I moved to the complete opposite climate of Vancouver, Canada.  Now, after 2 terms and 5 years with the International Mission Board, I’m embarking upon a new adventure.

Since early 2009, I’ve been attending an incredible church called The Point.  Located on Burnaby Mtn. at Simon Fraser University (a university of 35,000 students), The Point is an awesome community of students and young families who seek to reach out to the city around them.  In the past year and a half, we’ve started sites on 2 other campuses and are excited about beginning more in the near future!  I’ve been involved in many ministries at The Point and am currently co-leader of the Justice Team, which partners with local organizations and churches to address issues such as poverty, homelessness and human trafficking.

Beginning in early March 2012, I officially joined The Point as a full time staff member.  My first assignment was to raise my financial support.  To do so, I spent approximately 4 months (March-June) in the US, meeting with friends, new acquaintances and churches with the goal of finding ministry partners who will support me financially through monthly or annual gifts.  I made roughly 13 stops (in TN, VA, FL, IA, MO, and OK).  This blog is a chronicle of my adventures as I traveled to develop ministry partner relationships and now, as I serve full-time at The Point in Vancouver.

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